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Visionary Ltd.

Howard is a driven professional with a clear understanding of how to get the best out of individuals and teams.

A pleasure to work with.

Ashford Mercedes

Howard has helped our business tremendously giving unequalled level’s of service in his field.

A very valued business partner.

Magma Mazda

Howard is a great motivator. I have used his services on three occasions and the results have always been good.

Newton Honda

I can honestly say the best way to succeed in converting prospects in to qualified appointments is to use Howard at Insight.
The enthusiasm he installs in the sales team is excellent with a structured 1 on 1 training and coaching.
I found the sales team wanted to make the calls as their rejection rate fell as they found making the appointments easier without pressure.

Turner Motor Group

Howard is a very professional, organised, results driven person who has helped the Turner Motor Group over the last five years recruit and train a number of excellent sales staff from in and outside of the motor industry.


Howard first brought Insight’s Development NLP Sales techniques to MB Ashford during a time when the Sales Team where struggling to achieve consistent results.
After some testing and one on one coaching from Howard a prospecting event was held and brought in results that previously seemed impossible.

Hutchings Motor Group

I have engaged Howard over many years to assist in Sales and Aftersales performance improvement.
Howard’s direct, but personable approach cuts through any stereotypical sales trainer waffle and delivers meaningful results.
He is also more than prepared to hold you to account in following up his training, which helps in maximising the value you get from him.

John Roe Toyota

We have worked with Howard on a number of occasions and we have benefitted from his extensive skills and experience.
He cuts through all the irrelevant things and gets to the heart of the problem building specific solutions and delivering in a structured and positive way.